Spanish Voice Over Video Dubbing

August 2019

Adding a Spanish voice over to an existing video with an English speaker requires a few steps in the order listed below and described below.

1) A written text script of the spoken English

2) Translation of the written text into Spanish

3) Recording the Spanish voice over with a          professional voice talent.

4) Adding the voice over to the video.

5) Remixing and Repackaging


Transcript: If a written version of the video’s spoken audio (e.g., a script) is not available then transcription can be performed. To produce a transcript a linguist listens to the spoken audio on the video and writes down exactly what is heard. Time stamps are included to indicate what is spoken at certain places. These are essential for the final step of adding the spoken Spanish in place of the existing spoken English.

Translation: Once a written version of the English text exists, the script can be translated into Spanish. For quality assurance a second linguist will proofread the first linguist’s translation. When the script is ready for a Spanish voice over, recording linguists can be asked to make the Spanish translation as concise as possible in order to allow space for eventual placement back into the video within its original duration.

Voice Over Recording: A professional voice actor (male or female) is then tasked to read and record the Spanish text.

Edit & Mixdown: The final step is to replace the original English spoken audio with the newly prepared Spanish voice over and synchronize the audio as close as possible to the original. 

For additional information or to request a quote for audio services in Spanish please contact us by telephone, email, or text (text available during regular business hours).