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Broadcast Quality Recordings to Specification -- Localized Voice Over Artists -- Professional Post Production
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Nuñez Productions is a professional recording, pre and post-production, audio-editing suite specializing in producing Creative Productions and English to Spanish dubbing for television and radio broadcasting.  

We possess thorough knowledge of the entire production lifecycle

including pre-production, audio recording, voice over, dubbing, editing for both audio and video, and mixing and mastering for broadcasting.

ALL projects, no matter how big or small are important and are treated with the highest level of professionalism. 

"Over the years, I have gained hands-on experience in audio production, audio/video recording & editing, coupled with a strong musical background and interest in contributing to creative concepts.

I am well-versed in tracking, editing, mixing voice as well as recording techniques studio tools, and audio production software. 


I look forward to working with each and every client personally to discuss how I can help them meet their objective."

                                                                                                     Linda Nuñez



Network projects we have dubbed

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